Taipei Municipal
Li Xing Primary School
Brief History
Events Calendar

1985.3.21 School building ceremony.
1985.7.1 0Ms.Yen-tsun mei was assigned as the lst principal establish the new shcool work .
19860000 The school building accomplish.
00000000 The educational bureau approve to enrol new students.
1987.9 00 Append Kindergarten to enrol new students.
1990.3 00 It was renamed Taipei Municipal Li-Xing Elementary school due to the
area change.
1991.2 00 Mr.Ting-Chan ao served as the 2nd principal beautify and plant greenery in the 00000000 campus..
1994.8000Mr.Hsieh-tsu fang was appointed as the 3rd principal dedicated to the

1998.8000Mr.Chien-chin tsai served as the 4th principal.
2001.2000Academic director Ms.Hsu-man li as a substitute pricipal.
.00000000Mr.chien-chin tsai was retired.
2001.8000Ms.Hsung-hsiu chun appointed as the 5th principal..
2002.1000The school kitchen facility was completed.
00000000 To supply the school dinner,including the Shi-Jian primary school,Ming-Dao
                 primary school and Yong-Jian primary shcool .

2002.1100Acquired the 91 academic guidance great honorary by Chinese Guidance
2003.5000Ms.Hsieh-Ying ling won the Taipei Municipal Special teacher award.
2004.10    Urban and Rural interaction: Jhihtan Elementary School from Taipei County
                 came to visit Li-Xing.
2005.10    Li-Xing, as the center of the first grouping schools of Grade 1-9 curriculum, held
                 many curriculum seminars and group discussion conferences for 22 elementary
                 schools of Wenshan District.
2005.05   School assessment: Assessment committees give positive feedback to Li-Xing for
                the performance in school environment, teaching, student counselling and
2005.08   Principal Huang Xiu-Jun won the consecutive term.
2007.10   Li-Xing kindergarten won “Healthy Gold school Award.”