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sSchool visions and Specialities

○○○○Sincerity:Be concerning and tolerant.Be trust-worthy and ○○○○○○○○ ○○○considerate to each other. Respect and admire others.
○○○○Knowledge:Revere good character and study industriously.Seek
○○○○○○○○ ○for professional growth and life-long learning.
○○○○Strength:Pursue excellency.Promote efficiency and multiple
○○○○○○○○ ○
○○○○Action:Be passionate and energetic.Co-operate and coordinate
○○○○○○○○  together. Construct delicate environment.

○○○○(一) Goals of educational development
○○○○○○○Establish safe and happy learning environment.Develop lively and multiple ○○○○○○learning activities.Construct a warm and humanistic interaction between teachers ○○○○○○and students.Explore multiple intelligence of students.Achieve the educational ○○○○○○ideal of proper individual-oriented development for each student.
(二)Provide safe learning environment
○○○○○○○Equip safe-guard system.Strengthen crossing guards on campus.Reinfore ○○○○○○Co-operation between parents and teachers around school district.Enhance ○○○○○○protection for students' and teachers' learning security.Strengthen the safe ○○○○○○maintenance of schoolbuildings and check the safety of every facility at school.
○○○○(三)Build up an enjoyable learning environment
○○○○○○Devote to make campus beautiful and green.We have various and diversified
○○○○○○school clubs' activities which provide students with self-developed opportunities.
○○○○○○Perfect guidance counselling and methods foster students to love their lives and ○○○○○○be full of confidence.
○○○○(四)Arrande efficient learning contents
○○○○○○○Finish school-based curriculum.Emphasize students' basic abilities.Cultivate
○○○○○○students' active abilities to thinking and problem-solving.Promote computer ○○○○○○science education and cultivate students' abilities to collect infortmation and ○○○○○○apply technology.
Respect individual-oriented learning development
○○○○○○○All the school facilities,educational methods,system design,and curriculum plan ○○○○○○are students-centered.Through the formal and potential courses,achieve the ○○○○○○educational goals of individual-oriented development.